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Ваш опыт

mumio belongs in every home. it is the best medicine i have used to help with my sinus congestion - i was sick for 2 weeks from the mold and hayfever and within 24 hours after my order arrived i was able to go back to work. mumio is great for toothaches - it may taste horrible but put it on the area of pain and infection and the infection will clear. a good friend was taking antobiotics to clear an internal absess in her nose from a sinus infection - i gave her mumio, told her to wet a q-tip,roll it on the mumio tablet and insert the q-tip - her absess was gone the next day. my cat had a high fever and congestion and was sneezing constantly, i gave her mumio that i diluted in water and she immediately stopped sneezing and her fever broke. i will not go without mumio. i am a busy professional and when i take a tablet in the morning i have a much better day - i am clear and focused with an even flow of energy that lasts all day. i am anxious to learn if any test have been made on patients with alzhimers. josephine new orleans